Riga, Latvia – Sonarworks has been delighted to sponsor RigaLive last week. RigaLive took place between 9th and 11th April and saw 24 songwriters, producers and musicians from all over the world take part in the three-day workshop in Riga, Latvia.
Artists were given lectures, workshops and masterclasses in songwriting and production to see them take just two days to produce 16 demos between them.

To support their creative sprint, Sonarworks calibrated 8 recording studios used by the artists to ensure consistency when moving between them. As the day drew to a close, all participants took part in a listening session along with industry experts from Hungary, UK, Lithuania and Latvia at the host venue, Rocketbean Roastery.

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Speaking on the partnership between RigaLive and Sonarworks, Krišjānis Geidāns, co-founder of RigaLive, “At the end of the three day sessions even skeptic producers started to use trial versions. We as RigaLive organisers are proud to work with Sonarworks and hope to collaborate in future.”

To continue supporting RigaLive and the artists, Sonarworks has announced each participant a free copy of Reference 4 Headphone Edition.

At the end of the workshops, Sonarworks presented the outstanding UK producer, Femme with a Premium Edition of Reference 4.

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