Riga, Latvia – Innovative European audio software developer Sonarworks has released a public response to inquiries that it has recruited a new research team following the launch of their latest upgrade to their closed beta community.

We can confirm that, through our new recruits, we will now be able to access aural-sensory capabilities beyond what any human being has ever been capable of and integrate this into a brand new DSP-based platform.” commented Reins Grants, Chief Marketing Officer of Sonarworks.

Sonarworks made waves in the audio engineer community with their room and headphone calibration and measurement software, Reference 4. They claim that the latest upgrade promises 30% greater accuracy in their measurements though some community testers are in doubt.

The new Ultrasonic Sensorineural Research Team supports a frequency range of 40 Hz to 60,000 Hz. We hope to create a new DSP-based sensorineural transducer with built-in fibrotic-recognition, capable of deciphering the superior electroencephalographies and transients of these amazing creatures — and implement this into our innovative software platform,” Grants added.

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