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Everyone should be able to fully enjoy music in the best possible sound quality

without unnecessary coloration from their playback device. Our passion has made it possible - with the help of products by Sonarworks, anyone can now have the best sound experience possible anywhere, anytime.

We strive to deliver superior audio quality for:

70,000 studios

worldwide has experienced our software

5 millions euro

investment so far

20 awards

from prestigious

89% countries

around the world use
our software

25 endorsments

from Grammy award
winning engineers

What we stand for



We are constantly striving for most ambitious goals and reaching for new heights.

Although we acknowledge that not all goals are always reachable, we make sure that every step we take is valued by our clients and our achievements make us proud.



Embracing our differences is what keeps the team strong and productive.

Various perspectives inspire creativity and drive innovation. We perform as a team working towards a common goal.



We honestly express what is on our mind - it is one of our communication cornerstones.

You will receive honest, yet considerate feedback from your colleagues, moreover, they will be looking forward to hear your concerns and inspiration too.

Learning and Experimentation

Learning and Experimentation

Constantly learning new things, stepping out of our comfort zone.

Not being afraid to experiment even with familiar things is what helps us achieve the next step of excellence. Be ready to seek the best solution, not the easiest one!

Meet our professionals

Have a chance to get to know better some of your potential colleagues.

Helmuts Bems

Co-founder, CEO


First time we came up with the idea to change the audio industry, there was no doubt we had set an ambitious goal. We would set all of our resources to device technologies that had been constant for a century now.
Support and love from our partners and consumers - be it an artist, audio engineer, manager, label or fan of music - is what inspires us to keep on moving forward. Seeing professionals empowered by our products is the real payoff for us.

Mārtiņš Popelis

Co-founder, VP Products


As the VP of Products, I focus on development and strategies followed by phone calls with other leading audio brands wanting to join us in our mission.
A fundamental component in our products is their ease of use which has enabled more than 40,000 studios from over 50 countries to benefit from it. Reference 4 is also relied upon by more than 25 Grammy-winning professionals, so there is a good chance the music you are listening to right now has been made with our software!

Matīss Klaviniuss

Account Director


I am often on the road and traveling to meet either potential or existing partners, as my job, in essence, is to make sure their specific needs and implementation aspects are understood and we are always moving forward with the deal.  

Being mixing engineer myself, the coolest part is that I get to spend A TON of time in studios across the world geeking out with other engineers about audio, recording, their gear, how they are thinking about audio and so on.

Mikus Salgrāvis

Head of Research, RnD


As the RnD of Sonarworks, we dip our fingers into literally everything related to audio - both digital and analogue sides of the figurative coin. In order to understand customer needs, we work in environments ranging from the barest of basements to studios that have undergone multi-million dollar investments.
We strictly have to be experts in a vast amount of fields. Acoustics, electro-acoustics, psycho-acoustics, bio-mechanics, machine learning, data science, DSP, high and low level programming and statistics are all components of everyday work in SW.

Katrīna Allikas

Marketing Team Lead


At Sonarworks we perceive marketing as the change we would like to see in the world. Marketing is driven by better: better service, better communication, better retention and more. And we have the opportunity and obligation to do the marketing that we're proud of. Our daily work covers everything from PR, working with influencers, content marketing, digital marketing, creative campaigns and more. From New York to Brisbane, from Tokyo to Johannesburg - we're proactively creating things to help music creators solve problems worldwide with data-driven mindsets and passion in our hearts.

Ilva Krave

Web Development Lead


To support all of the most popular platforms, Sonarworks team of software and web developers and engineers uses an interesting mix of technologies - C++ as the core technology to achieve portability mixed with different UI frameworks like Qt and Chromium Embedded Framework.
Software suites consist of not only standard desktop GUI software, but also DAW plugins and virtual audio drivers, increasing the constraints and knowledge needed to maintain them. And that's not all - add C#/ASP.NET, .NET Core and PHP based backend systems and Vue.js based web apps to make things even more challenging.

Life at Sonarworks

Take a sneak peek at various Sonarworks events.

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Build a product

Create an industry changing product together with a dedicated team having a truly global focus.

International work environment

Extend your worldwide experience by working with consumers from over 160 countries.


Begin earlier if you are an early bird or start a little later after all traffic jams are gone.

An inspiring team

Gain new insights and build self-confidence that you can take with you anywhere.

Dog friendly

Do not hesitate to take your adorable fluffy friend with you. Dogs are part of the team as well!

Cool office space with leisure activities

We are not all about just work. Visit our chilling area to rest in a hammock or invite a colleague to play darts!

Open jobs

QA Engineer

We are looking for an experienced and highly motivated QA Engineer to join our Consumer Development team and help us succeed in creating a high-quality state of the art audio products. Be a part of a rocket-speed growing company that is currently revolutionizing the audio industry!

Product Owner

We are looking for an ambitious and capable Product Owner to join our team and help us succeed with our dream - bringing Sonarworks SoundID technology to consumer markets via technology licensing. Be a part of a rocket-speed growing company that is currently revolutionizing the audio industry!

Frontend Engineer for SDK team

We are looking for an experienced and open-minded developer to join our team and help us succeed in creating versatile SDK components across multiple platforms and languages. While SDK is early in development, this position opens many ways to experiment, learn, work on new designs and code to make this product the way you see it. Be a part of a rocket-speed growing company that is currently revolutionizing the audio industry!

Head of Audio Technology

Head of Audio Technology serves as the central person responsible for development of audio technology, application of existing audio technology and product testing in relation to audio. Audio technologies at Sonarworks are heavily data driven, thus Audio technology lead drives data requirements and analysis for audio and research goals.

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